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Dartrey Heritage and Walks Map

Dartrey Heritage trail
Enter Dartrey Forest opposite Tanagh Outdoor Recreation Center and follow the road and trail till you are back on the main avenue past the old stables. Continue down the main avenue straight to reach the Iron Bridge for beautiful visas of the Inner Lough to the left side and Lough Dromore to the right, with Bellamont House in the distance.

Black Island Circle
For more views of the surrounding lakes and former Dawson estate grounds continue over the bridge and follow the island road which loops all the way around Black Island and back again to the bridge. You can shorten the route, by taking the path to the right, half way around the island. About 200 yards from the bridge is an opening onto the lake with commanding views of the lake and opposite shoreline where Dartrey House (demolished in 1947) used to stand.
The lakes have a wide variety of wildlife including herons, water hens, swans and ducks. The forest is rich in biodiversity, particularly on the undisturbed edges on the lakes and is home to the endangered native red squirrel among other animals.

Dartrey Oaks Trail
If you have extra energy, on the far end of the island is a path to the left, which winds through some of the oldest trees in the forest, a grove of 200-year-old oak and beech trees. Walking through gives the feeling of being in a natural cathedral, with tall pillars of trees stretching towards the sky on each side.

Dromore River Trail
Entering Dartrey Forest opposite Abbots, is a beautifully natural landscape which contains mature oak trees bordered on one side by a single arched sandstone bridge and on the other a tall famine wall. Following the river up stream there are a number of benches for relaxing and jetty's that help provide some fine views. The trail follows along the river until it intersects with the first main entrance to the forest. The road continues along the river till it connects with the main avenue leading to the island. You can follow the road back around to another entrance onto the Monaghan road (3 on map), but due to the speed of cars on the road it is probably better to exit at the Tanagh entrance.

Dromlona Lough Trail
Entering Dartrey Forest at Rockcorry from gate 11, continue taking the left trail, which leads to the Lough. Follow the trail around the edge of the lake for some scenic views of Drumlona. Continue talking the right trail at each intersection and you will arrive back at the entrance again.

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