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Damien House

Damien House is a place of acceptance and peace for families and individuals affected by bereavement, stress, violence, and other difficulties with particular attention to Northern Ireland.
Damien House takes its name and inspiration from Father Damien De Veuster, a missionary who lived and worked with the lepers of Molokai, who brought hope where there was despair and acceptance where there was rejection.

Damien House provides self catering accommodation in peaceful surroundings. Residents can enjoy the homely atmosphere of the house and walks through Dartrey Forest.

"Damien House attempts to give a home from home feeling and has been tastefully redecorated and refurbished to enchance the 200 year old character of the building" Derry Journal

"The spark of hope offered by Damien House is all the more special because it was no law of the land that compelled you to begin this project. I am proud to come to a place that could have been used for any number of purposes, but is now being used as an open hearted gift to others." President Mary Mc Aleese, 2002.

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